Sales tips

Canvas is silver – but follow-up is gold

Salespeople are often 'starters'. They are hugely enthusiastic about everything new - especially new challenges. It is this special energy which means that they can get many sales into their order book. When it comes to follow-ups, however, most of them need a little help. And this is despite this actually being where most of the gold is. webCRM can help you with that part of the sales work.

Most customers have encountered a salesperson that has promised to call back and never has. Of course, this is because they are busy with other clients or new call lists. But regardless of the reason, it destroys the relationship. At best, the customer will be annoyed. In most cases, confidence in the salesperson and company deteriorates. webCRM can help keep track of all follow-ups, so no customers are forgotten.

A 'no' is just the beginning!

A lack of trust and missing calls are not the only good reasons to organise follow-ups in your business. A "no" at first contact does not mean that you necessarily have to scrap the lead altogether. Some customers need a number of calls over time, before they say "yes" to a meeting. They need to experience dedication and professionalism, before they say "yes". Others are just not interested in your product right now. In about three months, getting a call which solves their problem may be their salvation. webCRM helps you remember all those people who said "no, not right now" or "maybe later", but are still good prospects.

It is easier to sell to existing customers

There are probably lots of easy sales waiting among your existing customers. They know your products, they have a relationship with you, and all the practicalities have been taken care of. webCRM can help identify all the ones who have not received a call in a long time. In addition, it is possible to create intelligent call lists. For example, it may make sense to call someone who owns a four and a half year-old machine, if it is typically replaced every five years. Perhaps everyone who hasn’t bought "filters" or other consumables for a few months also needs a call. webCRM has all the information and makes it easy to create call lists. 

In the long run, most things turn to gold

A good talk at the fair also needs following up. The fresh leads on the telemarketing agency’s Excel sheet also need a ring. There is gold to be had from follow-ups. As soon as the opportunities enter webCRM, they are not forgotten. Here, the tasks can be distributed across the sales team, and reminders can be made for far into the future. This way, you ensure that all the hard canvas work ends up as sales much more often.