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Learn more about webCRM's Maps integration to plan and navigate to your meetings.

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Alquity: "We can now access a consolidated pipeline of all the sales opportunities that we have as a business"


Lambert Smith Hampton: "Now we easily get a report that shows exactly where our wins and losses have been and if our opportunities have been converted into a win"

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20,000 satisfied users worldwide

Over 2,500 companies in 20 different countries are boosting their sales with webCRM.

"This year, we experienced growth of about 15 percent, and we attribute some of that to webCRM due to its better management and planning and a whole new level of customer focus."

Niels Barfod Jakobsen


Løwener, Danmark

I love the new pop up alert function. It has made me 100% more efficient.

Ray Bacon

Portus Capital Partners

"Great performance at a competitive price. Now, IFS has a world-class customer and sales management tool which grows our global business."

Ben WoodWard

Global Channel Manager