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Release Notes

This page shows release notes from the last week. The release contain short descriptions of recently released features and bug fixes. Any major release will be presented here as well as presented elsewhere on the website where relevant and/or in our monthly webCRM newsletter. In addition to this page you can and our montly newsletter it is possible to subscribe to our monthly technical newsletter containing the entire list of the monthly release notes.

726   Access level: cannot change support responsible Issue with changing support responsible fixed
624    Ticket on supportcases always 0 Issue with ticket no. fixed
 680 Revenue price changed on landing page Fixed revenue price on landing pages
 722 Remove odd session code Removed some old code
 409 Target line problem Fixed issue concerning target lines for graphs
 329 Opportunity - wrong color coding #2354  Updated colors scheme for opportunities
 662 Bug on documents Fixed bug for documents for the REST API
 489 Document not mapped in Queries endpoint  Added documents to queries for the REST API
 667 FieldsMetaData missing data Adding some missing metadata for the REST API
 401 /=/ after survey link Removed a symbol from survey links
 691 Pictures disappear from PDF templates Fixed an issue removing pictures from PDF templates
 294 Customfield date using REST API Changes the viewing of dates when using the REST API